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Software version PVR8000E 1.00.30
System ID 2C0B.E400
Last updated 5 FEB 2005
    Fixed Problem and Additional Function
  • Fixed ZDF hang-up problem. (The regulation of memory)

      Previous version


        Fixed Problem and Additional Function
      1. Dolby Audio Mute problem is fixed, which appeared unsteadily in Dolby Channels (ProSieben, SAT.1 etc.).
      2. Support of descrambled TSR
        - Scrambled is changed to descrambled TSR.
        - If descrambled recording function is activated TSR is supported in other channels as well.
      3. The Hang-Up problem is fixed, which appeared in Standby-off mode after an EPG reserve record.
      4. Turbo USB function added to the Menu. Thus the USB upload/download speed has been improved.
      5. The "No right" message box disappears within 1 second if the A/V output operates normally while Via 2 CAMs are used.
      6. If EPG reserve record function is activated record window is displayed so that the record parameter can be changed.
      7. Adjustments concerning default record method
        - A new item "Record Method" has been added to "Menu-> Preference -> Record/Play Setup". Now the user can determine the default method.
        - If instant record function is activated the record function operates according to the default method setting in menu.
        - If you open the Record window the default record method appears so that you can change the method within the Record window. In this case the default method in menu is not affected.
      8. During the EPG or timer reserve record mode, only the current recording item is deleted from the list if the record function has been stopped by switching off the STB (Standby off).
      9. Page up/down function is possible in the favourite list.
      10. It is not possible to delete a file/channel while recording.
      11. Modifed some function, if the recording process is finished the STB switches to the primary channel.
      12. The change of correct Italian message.
      Previous version
        Fixed Problem and Additional Function
      1. Extension of PVR-8000 to 160 GB HDD is possible. HDD larger than 120 has to be formatted.
      2. PVR-8000 is able to record the full subtitle language. (Choosing language during playback of recorded file is possible).
      3. Information key action has been modified. (If you press Info key on remote control, banner will be found on current channel. Pressing of Info again, you can find EPG information. If you press Info key once more, all kind of information will be disappeared on the screen.)
      4. Info Box display time setting is possilble.
        ( See: MENU -> Preference -> Others -> select Info Box display time)
      5. Interruption of sound during dolby playback of Prosieben, ZDF and SAT1 has been fixed.
      6. Error Message "service is not running or scrambled" when inserting Irdeto Cam is not appearing anymore.
      7. Moteck SG2100 Motor is supported
      8. Frequency of Astra(WDR) 12422, H 27500, 3/4 has been added to automatic search.
      9. Problem of favourite list organization that disappearing of channels after turning from Standby has been solved.
      10. Teletext is supported.
      11. Saving UHF tuning setting is possible.
      12. PVR-8000 supports WDR Lokalzeit (Dynamic PMT).
      13. Solved the hang-up problem occuring when you format unformatted HDD.
      14. Sloved the problem being mutted and that only default soundtrack is being stored whenever scrambled file is being played.
      Previous version


      * Fixed hang-up problem in ARD channel.

      P.S. The reason why hang-up problem occurs is that the ARD broadcasting station changed EIT data a few days ago.

      Fixed Problem and Additional Function 1. Recording
      1) Added Descrambled recording method Recording of scrambled broadcast is possible if card and cam is available. Playback is possible without card and cam. Meanwhile descrambled recording timeshift is disabled and it is not possible watching another scrambled channel. But watching FTA is possible.

      2) Added Instant recording function (default: scramble)
      If pushing record on RCU then record window is not appearing but record starts.

      3) Adding record menu into the main menu
      Going to to record menu is possible through main menu.

      4) Limitation of 7 days in reservation menue has been deleted. It is possible to make reservation at least 1 year.

      5) Reserve list change. Editing function has been added and reservation method can be modified by user.

      6) If recording through EPG then filename of EPG will be taken as filename.

      2. Adding Timeshift & Playback Navigation functions
      1) Banner procedure bar has been modified. While Timeshifting watching point and recording point diffenrence is displayed as Hour:minute:sec.
      2) Bookmark (red on RCU) & Next function (green on RCU) When banner is shown. It is possible with key 1 (red on RCU) and key 2 (green on RCU) to use function boodmark and next function.
      Bookfunktion is on key 1 at RCU. It is possible to mark and to delete with this key the bookmarkfunktion.
      Next funktion is on key 2 at RCU. It is possible to jump or move from bookmark to bookmark.

      3. Modification of Channel Navigation
      User has to confirm with pressing ˇ°okˇ°-button when changing channels within th channel list menue.

      4. Channel search option
      Search Type FTA/CAS, FTA, CAS is possible to select. So it is possible only to sear for FTA/CAS, FTA or CAS

      5. MP3 Player file
      If mp3 file is longer than 32 characters than first characters will be shown on play(until 128 characters).

      6.Timeshift & Playback Navigation
      When banner is displayed than forward, back function of Time shift or display is activated. It is not volume function then anymore.

      7. Soundtrack Recording If recording then all languanges and soundsstream are been recorded.

      Fixed Problem and Additional Function
      • Modified MP3 function /modified Info display function and play time of MP3 (with RCU info)/
      • Modified USB function.
      • Fixed freezing problem occurring when sound track is changed(Stereo<->Dolby) for ORF channel.
      • Fixed hang-up problem in Premiere channel.
      • Fixed Viccess RED CAM initializing problem.
      Previous version
      • (1) Support USB port and MP3 player in Windows2000 and WindowsXP
        * Available language for MP3 player :
        English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
        * Limited function when USB and MP3 player are used.
        - HDD Access(Read/Write) through USB
        - Automatic update of HDD on PC
      • (2) Manual search on Astra1
        * when you search the following Frequencies on ASTRA1 the PVR 8000 does not find all of the channels.
        - 12129, V, 27500, 3/4 : only finds 1 KIOSQUE channel - there should be 12 available.
        - 11720, H, 27500, 3/4 : only finds Premier Sport 1 - there should be a number of Premier World channels.
      • (3) Fixed lip sync problem on TVN and Premiere
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