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Software version 1.06.07
Loader version & System ID H4.03 [0005,0600] / L4.03 [0005,0200]
Last updated 28 AUG 2001
Release Note
Fixed Problem
Fixed a problem of choosing Spanish subtitle language.
Fixed a problem of the DaimlerChrysler TV.
Fixed some problems of the DiSEqC 1.2 function.
Revised some German OSD
Fixed the lip sync problem of the Dolby digital stream.
Fixed the EPG problem of the NVOD service.

Previous version


Fixed Mis-matching problem of the subtitle.
Fixed Time delay problem increased audio output level of the VCR SCART.


Fixed Problem

Revised with more detail of the DiSEqC 1.2 motor operating.
Revised NVOD function
Fixed problem of EPG time display.
Revised the Italian language.
Improvement of operation speed
Revised Fixed other *miscellaneous problems


Fixed Problem

Fixed Umlauts display problem.
Fixed black & white display problem.
Fixed DiSEqC 1.2 motor direction problem.
Fixed syncronization of EPG Time problem.

Previous version

[FTV 1.04.01]

Support the Subtitle function
Support the Scheduled EIT
Fixed Audio descramble problem
Fixed some minor problems including time delay problem

[FTV 1.02.01]

Fixed automatic wake-up problem
Fixed slow switching time in Menu Organizing
Magma Zone game of FUN promo works normally
Support MTV quick automatic search
Fixed 12V supplying problem in standby mode

[FTV 1.01.03]

Fixed some minor problems.
Comments & Download file
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Condition Contents in download file Download file
SYSTEM ID (0005.0200) Loader L4.03 + Application FTV1.06.07 FTV10607-02.hdf
SYSTEM ID (0005.0600) Loader H4.03 + Application FTV1.06.07 FTV10607-06.hdf