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Latest software

Software version QFE 1.06.02
Loader version & System ID H1.68 (0030.0400) / L1.68 (0030.0000)
H2.60 (0030.0600) / L 2.60 (0030.0200)
Last updated 4 SEPT 2002
Release Note
Additional Function

Support Multi-Menu as well as Multi-sync.
Language choice function when the first installing
HellasSat added

Fixed Problem

Support the Dolby of TVN and ABC

Previous version
[QFE 1.03.02]

Additional Function

Added Greek at Audio language

Fixed Problem

Lipsync problem at some channels.
Malfunction of EPG and Extended Event at NVOD
Hangup at a state of a message showing
Modified the TurkSat 1C Tp info.

[QFE 1.02.10]

Added System ID indication at STB status menu.
Fixed DiSEqC 1.2 problem(Searching OTA target satellite & NIT updates)
Revised some German character.
Fixed the freezing problem when channel was changed.
Fixed the problem of loading channel data.

[QFE 1.02.07]

Added Polish language into OSD
Fixed the CCTV saving problem of Asiasat3 and PAS2
Fixed the Timer delay problem at stanby mode

[QFE 1.02.03]

Support Tone burst function
Solved the receiving problem in the some radio channels for Aurora package.
Support PAT change mode.
Modified the problem that Key operation hang-up of NTV and TV polonia.
Solved hang-up and descramble problem in a low signal.
Fixed Automatic wake up problem.
Modified the color of letter in the Subtitle.
Revised the shape of Teletext ICON.
Modified the problem that Automatic /Manual cannot search "Eurosport" service.
Revised with more detail of the DiSEqC 1.2 moter operating.
Solved the problem that TMT TV channel was not display in TV with advanced search.

[QFE 1.02.00]

Modified Astra TP information.
'Swedish' added in Menu Language , 'Norwegian' added in Audio Language, 'Danish,Norwegian,Swedish, Finnish' added in Subtitle Language.
Danish of OSD language is newly translated and applicated.
Solved color problem of SRG Subtitle.
Solved Aurora Audio receiving problem.
Solved the system unstable when signal reception level is low.

[QFE 1.01.15]

Fixed expected problem when DATA broadcasting starts.
- Please check your System ID and Loader before you select new software.
- Please note that the application software can be downloaded to all of System ID.
Condition Contents in download file Download file
System ID(0030.0000) Loader L1.64 or less Loader L1.68 + QFE 1.06.02 QFE10602-00.hdf
System ID(0030.0400) Loader H1.64 or less Loader H1.68 + QFE 1.06.02 QFE10602-04.hdf
System ID(0030.0200) Loader H2.53 or less Loader L2.60 + QFE 1.06.02 QFE10602-02.hdf
System ID(0030.0600) Loader L2.53 or less Loader H2.60 + QFE 1.06.02 QFE10602-06.hdf
Loader L/H 1.68 L/H 2.60 QFE 1.06.02 QFE10602.hdf