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Software version HFE 1.05.00
Loader version L1.37 / H1.37 / L2.08 / H2.08
System ID (0010.0000) / (0010.0200) / (0010.0400) / (0010.0600)
Last updated 28 MAR 2002
Release Note
Fixed Problem

Hangup of key operation especially on weak signal
Modified mis-translation of some menu language

[Previous version]
HFE 1.03.00

- DiSEqC limit funciton
- Support 32 antennas
- Malfunction of Dolby digital stream output,such as lipsync and sound breaking
- Lipsync problem at some channels.
- Malfunction of EPG and Extended Event at NVOD
- Modified the TurkSat 1C Tp info

HFE 1.00.06

- Added Russian and Arabic in menu language
- Support Tone burst function.
- Support Dolby digital audio output
- Solved Automatic wake up problem
- Solved the problem that TMT TV channel was not display in TV with advanced search.
- RCU operation failure and Hang-up at NTV+ package (TV polonia)
Comments & Download file
Please check your Loader and System ID before you select new software.
Condition Contents in download file Download file
Loader L1.37/H1.37 / L2.08/H2.08 Application HFE1.05.00 HFE10500.hdf
System ID : 0010.0000 (Loader L1.36 or less) Loader L1.37 + Application HFE1.05.00 HFE10500-00.hdf
System ID : 0010.0200 (Loader L2.07 or less) Loader L2.08 + Application HFE1.05.00 HFE10500-02.hdf
System ID : 0010.0400 (Loader H1.36 or less) Loader H1.37 + Application HFE1.05.00 HFE10500-04.hdf
System ID : 0010.0600 (Loader H2.07 or less) Loader H2.08 + Application HFE1.05.00 HFE10500-06.hdf